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Flamma is a fire show group from Tampere, Finland, and also fire and light art association Tulikollektiivi Flamma ry. The association was founded to support, enable and promote fire and light art in Finland. In 2022, the fire group and association will already be a whopping 20 years old!

With its performances, Flamma breaks the boundaries of traditional circus and theater. Flamma’s fire spinning tools include not only the usual fire-throwing tools, flaming fans, jump ropes, hoops and cones, but also special tools, such as swords, scythes and flaming Stages and fire sculptures.

In addition to fire, Flamma also performs with LED and UV devices. The group is also known for its annual fire park ”Tulipuisto” on the night of events ”Tapahtumien yö”, and its fantasy-like fire theater performances, which it once organized in Tampere.

Flamma is a group of people interested in fire, light, juggling & circus arts, with about 15 members. Since 2002, the group has performed in almost a thousand public and private events around Finland. The presentations are versatile and suitable for any occasion.


From Flamma, you can order fire and LED shows for all kinds of events. In addition, fire workshops are available, for example for bachelor parties, idle days or staff parties! We bring light to the dark!

Ask for an offer at or fill in the gig inquiry form from here!


You can apply to become a Flamma member by sending a free-form application to the board of Flamma at In the application, tell us who you are, where you come from, what previous experience you have, what equipment you know how to operate and why you want to join Flamma? In addition, you can tell us also what you expect Flamma to offer you and how much you want to spend your time on Flamma’s operations. The application is open all year round.